7Zipper 3.10.39


7Zipper helps you to browse (7Zipper is not only un7zipper but also a general manager application to manage files, and it requires some permissions) SD card, copy, move, delete, rename, compress, decompress , 7z, check usage, backup and launch applications

– Multiple select
– Copy, move, paste (file, folder)
– Open, rename, delete (file, folder)
– 7z, compress, extract, send
– Use SD card
– Copy save application
– Store
compressed, 7z
– Extract
zip, alz file, egg, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz2, rar, jar, 7z, LZH
support split compressed documents (z01, z02 … zip.001, zip.002 ..)
– View photos (animated gif support)
– View text
– View swf (flash)
– Information system (CPU, memory, battery, network etc.)
– Force off user
– FTP client
– FTP server (you can manage files of your phone by wifi)
– Http server (you can manage your phone’s files by wifi)
– Calendar photos (all your photos will be sorted by date automatically, you can browse your photos according to calendar.)
– Hex Viewer
– SD card storage memory
– Default app launcher management
– Resizing images
– Searching for files and finding words in text


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Updated version

Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.


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