Adguard Premium 6.4.1795.4865

Adguard Premium is a piece of software that will help you to filter any malicious websites automatically, and also removes malicious ad on a website. The program removes malicious tracking of a website that installs a malicious program. When you visit a website of this program will automatically perform checks on the site quickly, if the site is considered to be hazardous and contains a malicious program, then you will be warned not to visit the website.


Adguard Premium not use a lot of resources, so as not to overload the computer or your laptop. Here share Adguard Premium Full program is entirely for the Patch. So you can use the patch to activate the software for free and get all the advanced features of this software.

Installation instructions

  1. Download software and extract files
  2. Normal installation, exit the program when finished
  3. Copy the file “Activator” in the Crack folder to the installation directory
  4. Run Activator file with Admin rights
  5. Click Crack to crack the copyright
  6. Accomplished.

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Download Software (Pass:
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