Astah Professional 8.0

Astah Professional is an advanced system design tool, often used for product development, deployment, system analysis and system engineering. With this tool, you will easily identify your system in a way that is easier to understand, easier to present to others, collaborate, plan and other things.

Astah allows you to define a part, workflow and their needs such as components, modules, interfaces and data for a system. It supports Unified Modeling Language (UML), Block Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, CRUD, Mind Diagram, etc.

Main function:

  • Class diagram (Object diagram, UseCase diagram, Package diagram, Deployment diagram and more)
  • Create diagram, Data flow diagram (DFD), ER, CRUD diagram, Request diagram, Map, etc.
  • Create UML diagrams, Sequence diagrams, StHRachine diagrams, Composite structure diagrams, etc.
  • Easy layout and alignment of models, class diagrams or detailed class diagrams
  • Enter Java source code, Java framework code, SQL export, management and comparison with other projects
  • Save the diagram as an image, export it to the office and print a Page, as well as multiple pages.
  • And more.

What’s new in Astah Professional 8  :

  • Templates are searchable and alternative
  • New copy model elements in the form of GVML
  • New background color and icon
  • Improving diagrams and diagrams
  • Select and handle overlapping objects
  • Insert the object by clicking and dragging
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract files
  2. Open the installation and install normally
  3. Exit installation when completed
  4. Run Keygen (Requires Java installation) -> Click Generate
  5. Accomplished

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