Avast Premier Antivirus 2018 18.8.4084

Avast Premier is the most advanced version of the serials of Avast anti-virus software. It provides comprehensive for your computer, is a trusted bodyguard in dealing with viruses and malware, trojans most stubborn.


Some key features of the program:

  • Detect all types of dangerous threats from viruses to malware.
  • Detecting threats for each machine in real time.
  • Malicious software like operating comfort. Avast analyzing application behavior in real time to find any suspicious changes before damage occurs.
  • Check your personal computer and network to detect all types of incidents – and show you how to fix the problem immediately.
  • Firewalls protect you safe from all types of infringement.
  • You’ve downloaded the file from the server from a dubious and suspect it matter? First check the files in a given area and protect the safety of the rest of the computer.
  • New ways of browsing, banking and shopping. With a set of tools designed to enhance protection, you will discover why the area Safety is the most secure browser in the world.
  • Automatically pause all notices of Windows and other notifications so you get processing power and maximum speed for your game.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Run the “Hosts.cmd” file in the Key folder
  3. Open the settings and normal settings
  4. Run the “Key avast” file in the Key folder (Used until 2045)
  5. Accomplished

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Download Software (Pass: phanmemtop.net)
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