CCleaner Pro 5.60.7307


CCleaner is probably the most popular cleaning tool for Windows. It will remove any junk and temporary file left by operating system or installed applications.

CCleaner Pro 5.60.7307

It will take care of old prefetch data, Windows Error Reporting logs and files, memory dumps and all cache and temporary files from different applications. Freeing up disk space will make your PC run faster and trouble free.


There is almost no exception about leftover registry entries, that slow down your system. There is a Registry Cleaner option available and it will optimize everything by deleting unnecesary entries, scanning for missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions, ActiveX and Class issues, Fonts, Obsolete Software, etc.

There are a number of tools available also for your convenience: Uninstall that will repair or uninstall your softwares, Startup, that will enable, disable or delete entries to your startup list. You can manage here all your scheduled tasks, major browser’s extensions and context-menu items.

File Finder helps you find duplicate files and remove them in order to gain more free space on your HDD. Drive Wiper will securely erase the contents of your hard drives or free space using several algorithms. In this way, your files you become unrecoverable.

 What’s New in Ccleaner Pro 5.5:

– Improved Firefox History cleaning
– Improved Opera and Vivaldi Session cleaning
– Updated Internet Explorer and Edge Cache cleaning
– Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning
– Improved Monitoring notifications
– Minor GUI improvements
– Minor bug fixes

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Run installation file and install normally
  3. Use keygen to get the activation key
  4. Block program in Firewall! OR You can block the app in your hosts file
  5. Accomplished.

Download Software (Pass:
Download Link

Updated version

Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.

  • Ver 5.59.7230
  • Ver 5.58.7209
  • Ver 5.57.7182
  • Ver 5.56.7144
  • Ver 5.55.7108
  • Ver 5.54.7088
  • Ver 5.53.7034
  • Ver 5.52.6967
  • Ver 5.51.6939
  • Ver 5.49.6856
  • Ver 5.48.6834
  • Ver 5.47.6716
  • Ver 5.47.6701
  • Ver 5.46.6652
  • Ver 5.45.6611
  • Ver 5.44.6577
  • Ver 5.44.6575
  • Ver 5.42.6499




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