CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 13.0.0523.0


CyberLink Power2Go – DVD burning software professional
CyberLink Power2Go is a tool to assist users to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray is very effective from the your media files.
It has been trusted and received appreciation from computer manufacturers leading. Besides, the program also provides conversion mode for advanced media files and music video files for playback on various devices. Also, thanks to matching Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo, you can easily download, transfer and backup your media data.CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 13.0.0523.0Other features of the program:

Record and create CD, DVD or Blu-ray

Drag, drop and burn media files to any type of disks

  • Advanced burning tools are built in to the program will help users to easily create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray, BDXL discs even the latest 128GB.
  • Make a copy to CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Then, save them to your hard drive as a disk image and burn a disc image.

Easy Disk Management

Power2Go will help you keep track of all your burning projects. Every time you burn a disc conducting any, the program will add data to the Disc Manager, so it will be easy to tag, browse and search files quickly. Even, you can add photos for easy identification plate.
Attach and view ISO

  • Mounting disk image file as a virtual drive on your computer to access continuously.
  • Browse content from the ISO image file by ISO Viewer tool useful. Revenues from the ISO image file easily.

Easily burn music CDs

Power2Go allows users to create music discs to give to his friends. Then easily found it on the first CD collection at home. Even, they can create a CD from the CUE file.
Create DVD fast

Now, users are entitled to create DVDs from your video files. Please select from the available menu templates and customize them with text & music files of their own.
Share your photo library

You are allowed to create photo gallery disc record to run on a PC. Easily browse the photo gallery or play the slideshow accompanied by music. In addition, by supporting documents and links on the Internet, this disc types will be very useful to help users share family memories, catalogs, or the history of formation and development of the company .
Convert and move the video / audio files

Convert video and audio easily

By supporting many popular media formats, you can convert video and audio files for your to enjoy on many different devices. Even, have the right to extract audio from video files. Easily Convert Video UltraHD 4K and even audio files or CDs into AAC format.
Detection and identification smart devices

Technology Smart Detect helps users do not have to remember the file format or resolution. Once connected the device to a computer, Smart Detect will identify it and set the output format as well as the optimal resolution for media files to be converted. Thus, ensuring that they always have the opportunity to enjoy videos, photos and music with the best quality.
Power2Go also supports a wide range of devices, including: Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Microsoft, etc., thus allowing users to enjoy their media files anywhere.
Play media files easily

With Power2Go, you can:

  • Share memorable photos is simple
  • Enjoy playback AAC or FLAC files with high quality
  • 4K UltraHD video conversion for viewing on mobile
  • Support all file formats can be converted

Data backup and recovery boot disk creation

Power2Go Platinum edition comes with the recovery wizard guides user-friendly system, which helps protect the system from malicious virus or if the hard drive crashed. Power2Go allows users to create a full backup of all data and system files. In addition, they can create a boot disk for easy restoration of critical data.
Download and protect video

Download video and other media files

Now you can enjoy your favorite videos at any given time. Search and download videos from Vimeo, Facebook on your hard drive, or burn them directly to a disc to watch whenever you want. Backup and control of personal data online from Facebook and Flickr her.
Mode data encrypted at military level

Record data is encrypted to CD, DVD or Blu-ray. Browse disc is encoded with user-friendly browser is built right right on the disc that you burn. Burn data is protected with encrypted file names. The file name will be hidden until the user enters the correct password.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Open the installation and normal installation
  3. Open and use (Pre-Active)

Download Software (Pass:
Download Link

Updated version

Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.

  • Ver 12.0.1024.0

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