EmEditor Professional 18.6.2


EmEditor Professional is a best-in-class document editor with lightweight and extremely easy to manage. The application text editor is very powerful and supports Unicode, JavaScript or VBScript macros. In the Professional version there are many features such as add plug-ins, drag and drop support, tabbed browsing, and directory tree view. Supports color formats for HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, ..


  • Professional toolbar supports editing and text editing
  • Ability to generate HTML, ASP, PHP, Java code, with the ability to identify errors in code
  • Features use Macro in the software to record different events
  • A full loop word for different programming languages
  • Support various programming languages
  • Supports Unicode data
  • Advanced Search and Replace feature
  • Accept Plugin for editing formats such as DLLs and …
  • Drag & Drop feature to switch select text
  • Save and create backups automatically

Installation instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Disconnect internet
  3. Installation is normal
  4. Run the keygen to get the key information
  5. Use Key to activate the software
  6. Always block the program in your firewall app!
  7. Accomplished.

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Download Software (Pass: phanmemtop.net)
Download Link

Updated version

Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.

  • Ver 18.0.3
  • Ver 18.0.0
  • Ver 17.2.0



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