JPEGmini Pro

JPEGmini Pro is a simple and advanced image optimization tool that allows you to reduce the size of a JPEG file while maintaining its quality. It provides you with end-to-end image optimization solution including optimization, manipulation and distribution.

JPEGmini is trusted by thousands of image perfects to get the smallest file size of JPEGs without compromising on quality. With patented image-optimized technology, JPEGmini Pro significantly reduces the size of your JPEG file. Imagine, with this tool you can reduce the size of the image quickly and very easily.

JPEGmini Pro ensures that there will be no reduction in resolution, all compressed images will remain in full resolution and quality, even with virtually no degradation at all. The program can use all the cores at the same time, crunching your JPEG at surprisingly high speed, supporting up to 128 megapixels of photos, and covering all your imaging needs. In addition, JPEGmini Pro also includes plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. So all the photos are produced by Lightroom or Photoshop, they will automatically be optimized with the lowest file size possible without ever losing quality.

Main function:

  • Maximum JPEG quality with minimum file size
  • Compression is 10 times faster than other simillar tools
  • And more.

What’s new in  JPEGmini Pro 2:

  • New Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • New support of up to 128 Megapixels
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Open the installer and install normally
  3. Exit installation upon completion
  4. Copy the file in the crack folder to the installation directory
  5. Or use Portable to always run
  6. Accomplished.

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