Movavi Screen Capture Pro 10.0.1

Movavi Screen Capture is perfect for recording any type of video screen on your Mac. Enjoy unlimited possibilities for TV: get live streams, program activity, web content, even digital drawings.

Experience smooth HD video with up to 60 frames per second. Record full screen or define a part of the screen as your capture area and use customizable hotkeys to start, pause or stop your screen capture. Record audio and sound of the system from the CD player and other devices or via a USB-microphone, including voice commentary – no additional software required. You will need to install the free SoundFlower application to record the system sound.

Record MP4 videos and save them for playback on any Apple or Android device using the ready setting. Video recording in H.264 MP4 format makes them completely compatible with many other platforms – desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This screen capture app also allows you to compress the video for playback on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV or Android device.

Select frame rate
video capture at  speeds  up to 60 frames / second or lower frame rate set to 5 frames / sec to reduce the file size eventually. 

Adjust the capture area
Move and resize the capture frame to record any part of the screen; Set accurate resolution if needed. 

Record sound from any source Record
sound from system sound, headphones, microphone or MIDI device; adjusts the volume of the audio device. 

Record from webcam
Add webcam overlays simultaneously to your video. 

Capture keyboard and mouse actions
Show the keys and mouse movement is hit, highlight the mouse pointer, add click sound. 

Use the hotkey
Control the capture process with custom hotkeys. 

Fine-tune video
Cut and trim records, delete unwanted content. 

Edit screenshots
Cut and resize screenshots, add arrows, frames and annotations.


OS X 10.7 or higher, 64-bit processor

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