Prezi Next 1.6.3

Prezi Next is a reliable application that allows you to create stunning presentations easily. There are many big differences in how the software works, now it runs on HTML5 because the  classic Prezi version  depends on Adobe Flash software. You will get all the previous tools and features plus can do all the same things you can with the old version.

In Prezi Next, you can add a new topic with the title text above it, you can customize this theme and add more topics within it, and you can even customize how the theme looks. how, text, image, video or icon. It’s safer and has no performance issues so far, as well as being compatible with all popular platforms and devices.

Main function:

  • Very easy to use with powerful features
  • Dynamic and attractive presentations
  • Create beautiful interactive presentations
  • Library full of beautiful presentations
  • Instantly adjust your presentation slides
  • Creation, collaboration and analysis
  • Concept, creation, delivery and analysis
  • Optimize your efforts and live rankings
  • And more.

What’s new in  Prezi Next 1.6.3 :

  • Simple controls and more in navigation
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Installation Instructions

Details of the attached “readme.txt” file

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Download Software (Pass:
Download Link

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