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Registry Reviver is a PC application that you can use to repair the registry, registry cleaning, and also optimize the performance of your computer so it is always best conditions. Software Registry Reviver is one of the best software can now be used to analyze the computer errors and speed up your computer.

Software Registry Reviver also features backup before you optimize your computer, so in case of unwanted things, then you can easily restore your computer to status before being optimized. What are you waiting for, quickly and install Registry Reviver download.


  • Improve the performance of your computer. After using Registry Reviver you will notice an improvement in computer performance and stability.
  • Stops PC crashes and errors – By running Registry Reviver regularly, your PC will boot faster, more stable, and experience less crashes and conflicts.
  • No need to be tech-savvy. It takes a bit of computer knowledge to correctly diagnose Registry errors and edit them using manual tools. Registry Reviver does all of this for you, and more, fast and easy intervention.
  • Corrected by a simple mouse click!
  • Saving money. No need for costly service calls or buying a new computer. By using Registry can keep your computer running like new.
  • Registry Reviver protects you from mistakes. The automatic restore point setting ensures that if there are any problems with a repair, the changes can be easily backup to get you back up and running in the time required.
  • The intuitive interface and simple to use, providing the backend structure and functionality expected by the most advanced user.
  • BONUS: Startup Manager. Allows users to quickly intervene before and easily manage which applications they want to launch at startup to optimize boot times and overall PC performance.
  • Using fewer resources your computer will not be affected while you use Registry Reviver.
  • And finally Registry Reviver is all about helping improve the performance of your PC running smoothly is like new.

Installation instructions

  1. Download and extract files
  2. Normal installation
  3. Exit installation when completed
  4. Copy the file in the crack folder to the installation directory
  5. Run Patch-> Click Patch
  6. Accomplished

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Download Software (Pass:
Download Link

Updated version

Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.

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