SAP2000 Ultimate v20.2.0

SAP2000 is an integrated and full featured software for structural analysis and design for the simplest problems or the most complex projects. It has basic and advanced systems, from 2D and 3D, and is packaged in a visual simulation environment based on simplified object modeling techniques. The program can be used to design any structural system and all users with any experienced level as well as professionals. SAP2000 is an advanced civil engineering software ideal for designing and analyzing any type of structural system.

SAP2000 v20 is the latest version of this program. CSI SAP2000 v20 provides sophisticated analytical features, exercises, options, procedures, and customizable output reports that can be used in nonlinear and dynamic examinations.

Main function:

  • Automatic traffic load transposition
  • Automatic load analysis
  • Easily apply load or specify support
  • Fully integrated with the analysis process
  • Gridlines or draw the joints on the edges
  • Offset torque and other reactions
  • Optional for non-linear isolators
  • Plastic hinges for pushing analysis
  • Provides unique elemental formulas
  • Review the results of the graphical analysis
  • Some design codes are available
  • The standard analysis process is not complicated
  • Friendly templates are pre-installed
  • Consider special seismic and more

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Disconnect internet
  3. Open the software and install normally
  4. Exit installation upon completion
  5. Copy the keygen into the installation directory => Run the keygen with the Admin privileges
  6. Enter to continue (Keygen generates a license file ‘lservrc’).
  7. Copy ‘lservrc’ to the installation directory
  8. Accomplished.

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