Scrutiny 8.0.12

Scrutiny is a suite of web optimization tools including link testing, SEO testing, sitemap creation, page load testing, html validation. All features of Integrity and Integrity Plus. Same engine as fast, efficient and accurate. With more advanced features such as options – authentication (scanning of web pages asking for login), checking links in pdf documents, displaying js before parsing. After a scan, Scrutiny holds a huge amount of information about your site.

Search, filter, export it. Displays a list of alerts such as missing titles / descriptions, content, keyword stuffing pages, no replacement text, mixed content, and more. Export an xml sitemap to send to search engines (and in other formats too). Optional to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your frequency / priority frequency or edit these rules manually. Run spell check and / or grammar, see results in misspellings or by page. Use your standard OSX functions and custom dictionaries.

Features, characteristics

  • Link Checker
  • SEO Analysis
  • Create XML Sitemap, optionally include image / pdf pages
  • Check page load speed
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Search your site (source or display text) for a list of pages that contain search terms or do not contain search terms.
  • Monitor the site of as many URLs as you want with the alerts and logging option
  • Scheduling is made easy with a few easy clicks (the old method using iCal will still work)
  • When finished, send email, save report, open file or manuscript, FTP XML sitemap and other actions
  • Open and scan the list of links in HTML, CSV, plain text format, or XML sitemaps

New feature

  • Repair to ‘skip’ and in the Spell check option
  • Some fixes for exporting links in the form of csv or html, which can fix problems that may occur when exporting.


  • Intel 64 bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

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