Speedy Painter

Speedy Painter is a drawing software based on the OpenGL library, one of the most popular graphic design standards today, offering many rare features in similar drawing programs. Speedy Painter creates original images, adds new details to the available frames, and allows you to capture the whole process of drawing and exporting to AVI format.

Speedy Painter ‘s eye-  opening interface  opens up a spacious space, with a canvas frame where you can paint your imagination. The drawing tools in  Speedy Painter are quite limited, in fact, you are only allowed to use brushes to draw and adjust images.

Main function:

  • Supports multi-layer drawing.
  • Publish drawing to video.
  • A rich library of brushes.
  • Support replay function.
  • Function to cut or rotate canvas frame.

Download Speedy Painter (4MB)

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