SyncBack Pro


    SyncBackPro is a professional application created with the aim of supporting users to easily backup or sync files to another hard drive, FTP, ZIP, network drive or email server.

    SyncBack Pro

    Main function :

    • Copy locked or opened files
    • Handling unlimited number of files
    • Fast backup and smart synchronization
    • Version: keep previous backup versions
    • Backup to disk: CD / DVD with disc length
    • Backup to and from email
    • Script support
    • BZip2 compression: higher compression
    • SMART alerts to protect the drive
    • Powerful FTP & AES encryption tool
    • Automatic scheduling
    • Support storage of Amazon S3 and Google
    • Microsoft Azure support
    • Back up email on POP3 / IMAP4 server
    • Integration with SB management service
    • Notice to run / create profile
    • New script functions, calls and examples
    • Great and customizable set of features
    • Generous licensing policy
    • Help documentation and extended support

    Installation Instructions

    1. Download and extract files
    2. Open the installation and install normally
    3. Run Keygen to create Key
    4. Open the software and use Key to activate
    5. Accomplished.

    Download Software (Pass:
    Download Link

    Updated version

    Download the old version at “Download link” above and switch the “Older version” Tab.


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