TweakPower comes with a set of tools that let you manage most computer components. These tools handle cleanup directly towards registry entries, web browsers, system settings, and utilities, while the optimizer handles startup and shutdown processes, Reduce the waiting time of programs crashes, disk and system acceleration.

TweakPower is capable of tweaking most of the operations according to the needs of the user. The Registry cleaner targets ActiveX and COM, installed programs, drivers, shared files, browser cleanup tools including browser history entries, cookies, and downloadable files. It cleans historical Internet history, search, Microsoft and common system history.

TweakPower starts up backups and creates recovery points when accidentally removing important components or affecting the operation. In addition, the application has the ability to set up maintenance schedules to automatically clean up and optimize performance.

MainMenu is also an ideal tool for enhancing the performance of applications, the ability to search and speed up access on hard drives; MainMenu’s main task is to perform computer maintenance by cleaning up the cache on a regular basis.

Main feature:

  • Registry Cleaner, Browser, System, and Additional Tools
  • Start the backup and create a restore point
  • Set up maintenance schedules to automatically clean and optimize performance

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Installation and use

Download TweakPower (11MB)

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