If you are a frequent voice chatter through a webcam, you are boring with a simple interface then the WebcamMax application is a software that will make you more lively to talk longer and no longer boring.

WebCamMax brings you the most vivid effects of webcam chat with your friends, making conversations on chat software much more enjoyable. WebCamMax integrates the available effects so you only have the option to apply immediately to the video, then can come back to share to friends.



– Allows to edit images on the webcam through various effects.
– Can use the available effects, or add external effects.
– Can run on many popular chat programs such as MSN, Yahoo, Skype. …
– allow storing video sharing on YouTube
– There are friendly interface, easy to use

Installation instructions

  1. Download and extract the file
  2. Open the settings and normal settings
  3. Exit installation upon completion
  4. Run the file “Block.bat” in the crack folder
  5. Copt file in the crack folder to the installation directory
  6. Run Patch -> Click Patch
  7. Or use Keygen to activate
  8. Accomplished

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Download Software (Pass:
Download Link

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